A Beginner's Guide to Kalman Filters? Sign Me Up, Dude!

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If you're like me and you have no idea what a Kalman filter is but you're always down to learn something new, Kalman Filter Made Easy is the book for you. And let me tell you, it lives up to its title. This book breaks down the Kalman filter and extended Kalman filter in simple terms that even someone like me, who has never taken a computer science class, can understand. Plus, the book is full of real-life examples and supported by Python source code, so you can actually see how it all works in practice.

I think this book would be great for anyone who's interested in data science or machine learning but doesn't know where to start. The author does a great job of explaining the concepts in a way that's easy to understand, and the examples help to solidify the information. Plus, if you're a visual learner, there are plenty of graphs and diagrams to help you visualize what's going on.

One thing I really appreciated about this book is that the author emphasizes the importance of self-care while learning something new. There are sections on how to manage frustration and how to take breaks when you need them. As someone who can get easily overwhelmed by new information, I really appreciated this.

- Easy to understand even for beginners
- Real-life examples and Python source code
- Emphasizes the importance of self-care while learning

- No physical copy available (if you're into that kind of thing)

Overall, I would definitely recommend Kalman Filter Made Easy to anyone who's interested in learning about Kalman filters. It's easy to understand, full of examples, and emphasizes self-care while learning. Plus, at $39.99, it's a pretty good deal for all the information you're getting.

Bottom Line: If you're interested in data science or machine learning, or just looking to learn something new, Kalman Filter Made Easy is a great book to get started with. 8/10

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