"Computer Programming: The Bible: Hacking Your Way to Coding Mastery!"

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Yo, fellow internet dwellers! If you're looking for a comprehensive guide to computer programming, then look no further! "Computer Programming: The Bible" is your one-stop-shop to learn everything from Python to Black Hat Hacking. And when I say everything, I mean everything! The book takes you through the basics of coding and gradually builds up to advanced techniques. You don't need to be a computer whiz to understand this book. The step-by-step approach is very beginner-friendly!

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn coding from scratch or needs a refresher course. The author includes examples and exercises to help you better understand the material. You can learn at your own pace and refer back to the book whenever you need to. The author's writing style is engaging and keeps you entertained throughout the book. If you love learning, then you'll love this book!

- Comprehensive guide to computer programming
- Beginner-friendly
- Step-by-step approach
- Includes examples and exercises

- Some of the information may be outdated
- Can be overwhelming for some

In conclusion, "Computer Programming: The Bible" is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn coding. The book is user-friendly and comprehensive. The author's writing style is engaging, and the examples and exercises help you better understand the material. If you're willing to put in the time and effort, then you'll come out of this book a coding master! Don't be intimidated by coding; embrace it!

Bottom Line: 9/10. A must-have for anyone interested in computer programming!

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